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The Spark Academy Specialized Continuum of Care aids students toward their most authentic living environment. This Continuum of Care provides ample opportunity to practice developmental skills in settings ever closer to HOME.

Spark Academy students live in a home tailored to their current level of need. Similar to how a car shifts gears, Spark Academy’s residential settings shift so that the residential milieu is focused on exactly what your child needs.

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Life for your child has become challenging and overwhelming. Spark Foundations is the start of your teen feeling safe, becoming aware of what they are experiencing, and developing self control. Foundations coaches focus on emotion recognition and regulation through in-the-moment skill development.

Setting Duration:  3-9 Months


In Spark Life, life skills and executive functioning development take center stage. Students practice increasing age-appropriate responsibility for personal schedules, routines, hobbies and electronics--all while continuing to practice their foundational skill of emotional regulation as their responsibility increases. Life students are prepared to take ownership of their own routine and know how to organize and live their life in a fulfilling and healthy way.

Setting Duration:  3-6 Months

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For students aged 16+, in Spark Launch the level of community exposure, social opportunities, and independence increase. As age-appropriate demands such as part-time employment, volunteer work, perhaps drivers ed or a college course increase the complexity of life, your child’s ability to continue to regulate their emotions is tested and strengthened. This ensures that skills gained during Spark Academy will translate to future environments.  

Setting Duration:  3-4 Months

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