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Spark Academy's residential settings are meticulously customized to cater to the progressive needs of every student throughout their treatment journey. We recognize that a newcomer working on self-regulation necessitates a different approach than a student dedicated to honing and applying daily life skills. As a result, we have established a comprehensive continuum of care that guarantees coaching and daily care within the living environment are perfectly attuned to each individual's current needs.


Spark students embark on a progressive journey that starts in a Foundations home, where they concentrate on building emotional stability and fundamental regulation skills. They then transition to a Spark Life home, where these skills are further honed while reintegrating real-life expectations into their daily routines. The culmination of this transformative process is the Spark Launch phase, tailored for older students seeking transitional experiences, such as part-time employment or community courses.

Students come to Spark Academy after facing significant challenges and feeling overwhelmed in their settings at home. We see their reactions as a limbic fight-or-flight-type response and our #1 priority is to help them learn to calm that knee-jerk response. At Spark Foundations, we begin the journey toward creating a safe and nurturing environment where your teen can regain a sense of security, self-awareness, and self-control. Our dedicated Foundations coaches prioritize the development of emotion recognition and regulation skills through real-time, in-the-moment skill-building experiences.

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Setting Duration:  3-9 Months

In Spark Life, we place a strong emphasis on fostering life skills and nurturing the development of executive functioning. Here, students actively engage in progressively assuming age-appropriate responsibilities for managing their personal schedules, daily routines, hobbies, and electronic usage. Throughout this process, they continue to refine their foundational skill of emotional regulation, which becomes increasingly vital as they take on more responsibilities. Spark Life students are well-prepared to take ownership of their routines and possess the essential organizational skills needed to lead fulfilling and healthy lives.


Setting Duration:  3-6 Months

For students aged 16 and above, Spark Launch marks a significant step towards greater community engagement, expanded social opportunities, and increased independence. As they face age-appropriate demands, such as part-time employment, volunteer work, potential driver's education, or college courses, their ability to regulate their emotions becomes paramount and is continually tested and reinforced. This robust approach ensures that the skills acquired during their time at Spark Academy seamlessly transition to future environments, setting them up for success in their journey ahead

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Setting Duration:  3-4 Months

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