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Spark Caregiving System

Success in Spark Academy comes from a robust caregiving team supporting, comforting, teaching, and simply put - being there for your child. Our team understands neurodiversity and is able to provide the atmosphere, interactions, and skills that support your child towards their most healthy and effective self. 


Neurodiverse treatment works best with a constant, steady drip of practiced skills on the fertile soil of a well-regulated child. Students who feel safe, steady and cared for thrive in our holistic caregiving system of teachers, therapists, and daily coaches who understand them and urge them toward their potential.



Spark Therapy takes a skills-based approach to meet your child where they developmentally are, and then urges bite-size steps towards a more fulfilling future. 

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Spark’s 1:3 Coach-to-Student milieu ensures that students get the attention they need for

in-the-moment care, support,

and coaching.



Your child usually knows a lot about things in areas of their interest, but REAL learning

and application is the focus in Spark's effective Project-Based Learning model. 

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